Shopify Product Reviews

This page explains what are Shopify Product Reviews. Definition, anatomy of a review in Shopify. How to add reviews to Shopify.

Shopify Product Reviews

Shopify Product Reviews

What is Shopify?

Shopify is an eCommerce platform, founded in 2006 in Ottawa, Canada.

It's unique in that the initial platform was built by a developer who wanted a better online retail experience for his own store. So, he designed features to meet the demands of running an eCommerce business. The result is a powerful platform that offers comprehensive support to store owners from an exceptionally user-friendly interface.

Shopify offers an API that enables developers to create third-party applications that greatly enhance the customization of any store on the platform. As of 2021, Shopify was the most heavily used eCommerce platform in North America, with over one million live users.

Why Are Product Reviews Important on Shopify?

On Shopify, product reviews are just as important as they are anywhere else — a crucial part of the consumer decision-making process:

And, to review some information from Chapter 1, it's not just the mere presence of reviews that will give your products a boost — it's the overall rating, freshness, consistency, and quantity. Essentially, consumers will almost always look at reviews and the holistic quality of your reviews matters more than just one factor.

Since Shopify listings integrate so well with other retail environments like Google Shopping, adding product reviews to your Shopify site will also boost your ability to appear in Google Shopping search results.

Anatomy of a Shopify Product Review

It's important to note that your Shopify store won't display product reviews automatically. If you're wondering what types of product reviews you can have on Shopify, you should know that it takes some extra setup to have any at all.

There are two ways to get reviews on your site: install the Shopify Product Reviews native app, or use a third-party application that integrates with Shopify. We'll talk more about how to actually add reviews to your Shopify store in more depth later on. For now, here are the different types of reviews you can display using these methods.

Star Rating

Your star rating is a reflection of the average of all reviews, either all-time or within a certain period. It's one of the most basic displays of review positivity, but it should be on every product page. Shopify and third-party apps both support this type.

Text Reviews

Written reviews are the most common types of reviews on Shopify and all eCommerce platforms. Even if there is a visual component to a review, there will almost always be accompanying text. In the Shopify Product Reviews app, the word count maximum is 1500 characters, around 250-300 words in English. Some third-party apps allow more detailed reviews.

Photo Reviews

The subject of photo reviews is where the Shopify Product Reviews App starts to become limited — in fact, as of February 2021, the app did not enable photo reviews to be added to user sites. Third-party apps allow a range of options for product review image galleries and user-generated content (UGC) to be added in high-value spaces on product pages and at the point of sale.

Photo reviews add a visual dimension to a review, allowing a prospective buyer to engage with the experience of the reviewer on a deeper level. Photo reviews are often positioned next to written reviews for added context.

Video Reviews

In terms of UGC, video reviews are thought to be the most valuable. They provide a three-dimensional look at what a buyer's experience has been with a product, and they're a vehicle of trust that's difficult to counterfeit. They're also the most challenging to host on your Shopify site, at least through native means.

Fortunately, third-party apps allow you to host a range of user-generated video content on your site, including integrations with Instagram that put video testimonials in the places they'll make the biggest impact on conversions.

How to Add Reviews on Shopify

Now, it's time to talk tactics. If you have a Shopify site, where's the best place to put product reviews — product pages, the home page, point of sale, etc. — where they'll help shoppers make up their minds? If you're interested in reading a more in-depth guide on this topic, check out our piece on adding product and business reviews to your Shopify site.

If you're looking to add simple star ratings and written reviews on your home page or product pages, you can use the Shopify Product Reviews app, which generates a piece of code that allows customers to leave feedback on your products and a certain degree of control over where those reviews end up on your website.

But while Shopify's native reviews app will help you accomplish the baseline goal of putting reviews on your eCommerce site, the types of reviews and customization options are limited.

If you're trying to get the biggest boost from the reviews you put on your website, you're going to want to use an app with a higher degree of customization. allows you to do the basics just as well as Shopify Product Reviews. has more intuitive functionality. For example, unlike Shopify's own app, integrates with email, allowing you to automate review generation campaigns. Reviews & Ratings seamlessly integrates with Shopify

Another reason why a dedicated app might be better when it comes to posting reviews on your site is that many of them will give you more options than just written reviews.

For example, allows customers to leave photo and video reviews that you can easily integrate onto your product pages or combine into a gallery at checkout. Visual, user-generated content is more compelling and effective when leveraged in the right phases of the buyer journey. That's why many Shopify users choose an app like over Shopify Product Reviews.

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