Magento reviews

This page explains what are Magento Product Reviews. Definition, elements of a review. How to add reviews to Magento.

Magento reviews

Magento Reviews

The final entry in our overview of review management on the top eCommerce platforms is Magento, an open source CMS owned by Adobe. While the name Magento may not be as instantly recognizable as some of its competitors, Magento claims 250,000 users worldwide, earning a spot among the likes of Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce.

In this sub-chapter, we'll talk about what reviews on Magento look like, how to add and customize them, and whether third-party apps offer any benefits over the platform's own product reviews capability.

What is Magento?

Magento was developed in 2008, and was purchased by the software giant Adobe in 2018. One of the reasons why Magento may be lesser known than other e-commerce platforms with a similarly sized user base is that only 11% of Magento sites are based in the United States. This global reputation, along with its notable ownership, has brought Magento a great deal of credibility with entrepreneurs looking to get into the online retail market.

So, we know that Magento is reasonably popular, but does it offer any advantages when it comes to reviews and online reputation management?

The Importance of Reviews on Magento

As we've demonstrated clearly by now, if you're going to try selling products on a website, you're missing out if you're not also displaying product reviews. To review, 88% of online shoppers include looking at reviews in their normal decision making process.

Something we haven't touched on very much though, are the ways in which product reviews are useful to consumers. Of course, there's the clear value of product reviews — they tell interested consumers whether they can trust a product or seller.

However, there's also a level of product information that a consumer gets from reviews that they may not get from descriptions on your product page. Customer product reviews may highlight certain features or uses that a customer may not have thought of about the product, adding even more value than simply answering the question: "did the reviewer have a positive or negative experience with the product?"

The Anatomy of a Magento Product Review

Like with other online retail platforms, Magento has a native functionality that users can activate without using any outside apps or integrations. But, as we've seen with WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Shopify, native review functionalities can leave a lot to be desired. Is it the same story with Magento?

Star Ratings

Magento is actually fairly unique when it comes to star ratings, because of the options it gives you to add custom rating criteria. Yes, it has a central star rating for any product — this is what is aggregated from all the reviews on a given page.

However, it also lets you activate custom areas that you can ask buyers to rate a product on. This allows you to get (and show) more information in a single review with ratings alone. If a customer buys something from you, instead of only being able to give a rating out of five for their overall satisfaction with their purchase (like on other platforms), they can give a similar rating to the custom fields you specify. This could be anything from price to durability, fit, or the quality of the item.

This can tell prospective customers more about a specific product and give you an additional layer or two of insight about your areas of improvement.

Text Reviews

This extra context pairs well with a text review on a Magento site. Customers can leave detailed text reviews, but summarize it in a few words or a short phrase, making it very easy to skim and digest for interested shoppers. Next to star ratings on a few specifically selected criteria, the total result is that standard Magento reviews are able to easily offer consumers better information than reviews on other platforms.

That's not to say that Magento reviews don't have their own shortcomings, though.

Photo Reviews and Video Reviews

Chief among those drawbacks are the same ones that have accompanied the native review functionalities on Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce: no photo or video reviews, which can be limiting to the amount of information communicated by a review.

Photo and video reviews, as we've talked about deeply in previous sections, are great ways to leverage user-generated content as a rich, organic form of compelling social proof on your product pages. Ideally, the review management strategies you use will include these types of reviews, which is why it may be preferable to use a third-party app when it comes time to enable reviews.

How to Add Reviews to Your Magento Store

Adding reviews to a Magento site is fairly simple. In the "Marketing" tab of your dashboard, navigate to "Reviews" under "User Content." To customize your rating criteria, you'll need to go down to the "Store" tab to "Rating." This article covers it in enough detail to get started.

Like many other review setups, Magento lets you moderate and modify reviews before they go live on your site, which is a good way to avoid very negative reviews that may harm your reputation. You can also add reviews from other sources, like social media or email.

Unfortunately, this is where the customization options end, which may be a missed opportunity. This is where comes in.

With Stamped integrated with your Magento site, you'll have some options that can take your review management strategy to the next level, including:

Importing Reviews enables you to import reviews from virtually anywhere: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and anywhere else customers are discussing your products. This ensures that you'll be able display a broader idea of reviews to show interested shoppers.

Generate Rich Reviews

Of course, one of the upsides of Stamped that native review management systems don't offer is the ability to add photo and video reviews to your website. Not only does Stamped offer these options, it gives you intuitive review generation capabilities that make it as convenient as possible for customers to respond with photos and videos.

Showcase Reviews

What good is a photo review if you can't effectively display it on your site? Stamped allows you to import and compile galleries of photo and video reviews to enhance your product or checkout pages.

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