BigCommerce Product Reviews

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BigCommerce Product Reviews

BigCommerce Reviews

BigCommerce isn't as widely used as Shopify or WooCommerce, but with an estimated 50,000-plus live sites in the USA alone, the platform has established itself solidly among the top contenders of the eCommerce market. In this piece, we'll talk about some of the main factors pertaining to review management for a BigCommerce site, and break down the best ways to add reviews to your online store on a consistent basis.

What is BigCommerce

According to BigCommerce, since the platform was founded in 2009, its users have generated $25 billion in sales across over 120 platforms, and partnered with over 5,000 apps.

BigCommerce is known for its diverse array of options, and it caters more to savvy web designers than novices. The platform can support some very feature-rich e-commerce sites, but beginner e-commerce entrepreneurs who aren't very experienced with websites may want to stick to a more simple builder. This is likely one of the reasons why BigCommerce trails behind Shopify in monthly users.

Even so, countless online retail sites pop up every year on BigCommerce, and these entrepreneurs are looking for the best ways to optimize their sales process. With this in mind, what's the best way to enact a review management strategy on a BigCommerce site?

The Importance of Product Reviews on BigCommerce

We've already discussed in detail why product reviews are so important in the scope of consumer purchasing habits when browsing products online, so for this section, let's go straight to the source. One post on BigCommerce's blog cites several stats that reiterate the critical nature of highlighting customer reviews on your e-commerce site. Here are a few highlights:

  • Consumers are around 12 times more likely to trust reviews from consumers over descriptions of a product added by the seller.
  • 58% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a site if it has product reviews.
  • The simple addition of adding product reviews can produce an 18% increase in overall sales on average.

Anatomy of a BigCommerce Product Review

Similar to the other e-commerce platforms we've mentioned up to this point, BigCommerce offers a simple option that users can activate on the back end of their e-commerce interface, enabling buyers to leave a review of the products they purchased from the store.

Also similar to other e-commerce platforms, BigCommerce's native reviews functionality doesn't offer as many options for customization as third-party apps. This is fine for users who are content to add reviews to their site, curate them, and engage in basic review generation, but not much else. For anyone looking for a wider range of options, an integrated app will have the customization they're in the market for.

Here, we'll break down the different parts of a review on a BigCommerce site, focusing on what's possible with the platform's native capabilities, and then moving on to discuss the advantages of using a third-party application.

Star Ratings

Star ratings are more or less the same on BigCommerce product pages as they are anywhere else: a number out of five stars is highlighted in gold on a graphic that represents the overall positivity of the reviews left by buyers of a certain product.

Star ratings are certainly important — we've demonstrated how much of a difference having a high star rating makes as compared to a low star rating. With this in mind, we also know that consumers are usually going to look at a sample of the individual reviews that comprise the overall rating. This means that if you're only displaying the star rating on your product pages, you're not giving prospective customers the whole picture they're asking for.

Text Reviews

Text reviews follow in the same vein of "nearly identical on any platform." Like previous e-commerce sites we've discussed, BigCommerce allows customers to leave written reviews of products they've purchased discussing their experience with them.

BigCommerce, like many other platforms and third-party apps, allows site owners to review and moderate reviews, giving brands the opportunity to intervene with an unsatisfied customer before their review goes live. According to SearchEngineJournal, trying to resolve a negative interaction offline is one of the best ways to deal with it, but you should be careful to avoid the appearance of censoring your reviews.

Photo Reviews

We've discussed before that photo reviews provide a deeper degree of immersion into a review for a prospective buyer of a product. Like Shopify and WooCommerce, BigCommerce does not offer the ability to leave a photo review in its native functionality. You'll need a specialized app to do that.

Video Reviews

Like photo reviews, video reviews add a visual dimension, but take it a step further, giving the reviewer the ability to create a more vivid picture of their experience with a product. Unfortunately, BigCommerce doesn't support video reviews without the help of an integrated app.

How to Add Product Reviews to a BigCommerce Store

If the downside of BigCommerce product reviews is limited options and almost no room for customization, the upside is simplicity. All it takes is to activate reviews is to navigate to your BigCommerce control panel, go to "Apps," click "Comments" and "Built-In Settings" and check the box that says "Product Reviews."

You can then set up your preferences pertaining to curating and moderating your reviews, including the option to automatically send emails to customers who have purchased a product from your store, asking them to leave a review.

If this is all you choose to do, you'll have a functional review management system that will probably generate more reviews than you were before (especially if this is the first time you've used BigCommerce's product reviews function).

With this in mind, though, a third-party app can enable you to take your review management strategy to the next level.

Introducing for BigCommerce is full-service review management application with seamless integration with many of the top e-commerce platforms, including BigCommerce.

Compared to the native capabilities you'll be able to access with BigCommerce's native reviews, apps like open up a new world of possibilities. It's not difficult to set up — all you have to do is make sure that BigCommerce reviews (and any other active reviews widget) is disabled and then paste some code onto the back end of your site. Here's a handy guide that explains how to add and customize with any BigCommerce theme.

Once you're using on your site, you'll have new options available to you, like the ability to feature photo and video directly on your site. A few key features that we recommend new users start with:

1. Importing reviews from other sources

User-generated content (UGC) is a term we've mentioned a few times in previous chapters, and it's likely that somewhere out there — on social media, or YouTube, for example — there's someone talking about your product. This can be valuable UGC that can instantly boost trust in your products and brand, so you'll definitely want to start scanning and importing reviews onto your site to show the world.

2. Automate review generation

Many review managers technically offer automated review generation emails, but it's extremely basic. With, you'll be able to easily set up automated campaigns that reach your customers when and how they prefer to interact your brand, making it as easy as possible for them to leave feedback in a variety of different formats.

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