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Top 10 Email Subject Lines for review requests

Following up with customers and asking them to leave a review via an email is becoming more and more common. Familiarity, as the saying goes, however, breeds contempt, or in this case, a quick deletion unless the email stands out, captures attention and is appealing.

The best way to do that is to make your review request subject lines as irresistible, or at least as interesting, as possible.

Here is some advice on how to do that.

Why a Review Subject Line is So Important

In its simplest terms, the review request subject line is the email attention grabber (or not) that shows up in virtually every email preview, whether it is on a PC, laptop or smart device. It asks the customer to leave a review or take a survey regarding their experience with the organization in question, its products or services.

On a more complex level, the subject line is the first thing a reader notices about an email, and in most cases, it serves as the deciding factor regarding how that reader responds to the underlying email. It is often the first contact a customer has with an organization after a transaction, so it can serve as an outlet for praise, complaint or constructive critique.

Why It Matters

Almost no one opens emails without at least having an idea of what is inside. Because of that, the subject line is a key that either unlocks or protects the reader's interests and associated actions.

If a subject line interests a reader, they open the email and read it. If it does not, they ignore the email or delete it.

This is a particularly important concept because of four things:

  • Until the reader opens the email, it does not matter what the pitch or request is inside.
  • People receive so much spam and unwanted email it is easy to gloss over an email if the subject line is nondescript.
  • Standing out even among preferred and known email is difficult.
  • The prevalence of spam and unwanted email has both desensitized email recipients to online appeals and heightened their "BS Indicator."

Most importantly, if a customer does not open the email, there was no point in sending it in the first place. If an email is ignored or deleted, the customer never gets to the contents inside and never takes the action the email sender is requesting.

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Key KPIs to Watch

A KPI is a Key Performance Indicator. KPIs help you gauge the type of subject lines that work and which do not. When analyzed, they can also indicate how to improve your subject lines to get a higher response rate.

Here are the top three KPIs to keep track of whenever you are sending emails to customers asking for a review of their experience:

  1. Open Rate Type. Do your customers respond best to straight-out requests, appeals, offerings, challenges, etc.? Test different types of subject lines, and see which perform the best with your customers.
  2. Click-to-Respond Rate. Which subject lines move your customers to open the email and what messages prompt them to take an action? What subject lines lead to the email being opened but nothing else?
  3. Subject Line Relevance. If a subject line draws a poor response but draws a high rate of action follow-through by those who do open the email, why is that? Understanding this will enable you to optimize your subject lines with your internal email appeals.

Subject Line Tips

The subject line is the key to getting a customer to open an email. Here are some general tips to help make your subject lines irresistible:

  • Keep it Simple – Straight to the point always works best with busy customers.
  • Be Honest – Customers drop emails almost as soon as they think the message is dishonest.
  • Prompt an Action – Customers respond to Calls to Action (CTAs).
  • Personalize if Possible – A personal approach when you reach out usually brings positive results. That will also help you forge the authentic connections your customers are looking for.
  • Announcements and Invites Work Best – People like to be told something new, invited to something or asked to do something.
  • Thanking Works – People who are thanked generally respond better.
  • Avoid Purchase Requests – Most people assume an email comes with some sort of request. No one wants to be pitched from the subject line onward.

Top 10 eMail Subject Lines

There are specific types of subject lines that work across industries and types of appeals. Here are a few proven strategies:

1. Spark Curiosity:

People respond well to mystique, especially if the curiosity builder seems to indicate they will get something or learn something new.

You will never guess why we need your opinion …

2. Request for Help

Speak directly to a customer by asking them to do something for you. People generally want to help if it does not require too much heavy lifting.

Can you help me improve your experience?

3. Create Urgency:

Putting a deadline or limit on something will usually get people to at least open the email.

I have to get this into my boss by DATE …

4. Build Trust:

Creating a bond with a customer goes a long way towards holding their loyalty and getting them to respond to you.

Would you tell me what you think about us?

5. Leverage a Relationship:

Use your customer relationship to your advantage.

As a valued customer, we need your help …

6. Use Humor:

Humor almost always gets a positive response.

C'mon. It's Friday. What else are you doing?

7. Use Data or Stats:

Used correctly, data can convince someone to open an email.

70% of our customers think this about us. How about you?

8.Make them Feel Important

Everyone likes to think their opinion matters.

Your opinion matters to us …

9. Use Emotion:

Triggering an emotional response almost always pushes a customer to want to help you.

You'll have our gratitude if you can help us …

10. Use Positivity:

Staying positive is generally a good disposition for most of life. Email subject lines are no exception.

Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity …

Your customers receive dozens of emails each day; most are spam and end up being ignored or deleted. The only way you can get them to respond to your review request is to have a subject line they cannot ignore, but also one that makes them want to open the email.

These tips and tricks will go a long way to helping you connect with your customers and prompt them to respond to your request for a review of your products or services. enables you to easily collect and showcase customer reviews so that you can increase your eCommerce store sales.  

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