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SMS review requests: best performing templates

Reviews are an integral part of success for any eCommerce business. In fact, many people trust reviews from an everyday person like themselves over a celebrity endorsement! Getting a steady stream of reviews and professionally responding to them can help you, as a business owner, gain a strong reputation for transparency and authenticity.

Why Are Online Reviews Important?

For internet shoppers, online reviews are often the only details they have about your products. Because they can't try on garments, touch certain products, or have a live demonstration of how something works, they're dependant on the feedback from actual users, including photos and videos. Detailed, positive, reviews therefore build trust for buyers. They're able to envision themselves wearing or using your products, and will therefore be more likely to convert from browser to buyer.

To put real numbers to this, remember that 93% of customers take reviews into account when buying almost anything.

When customers search for a particular eCommerce site, they'll typically pick from those on the first page of return results. The higher you rate for search returns, the more organic traffic will flow to your website. Google and other search engines use proprietary algorithms to determine how relevant a website is to the search query. To do this, Google deploys thousands of web crawlers that analyze content from the website, including reviews. Both quality of reviews and quantity matter. If your only reviews are more than 6 months old, or if you don't have any verbiage with reviews, just ratings, then your site will be less appealing to web crawlers, and thus drop in rankings. The key to consistently high rankings includes keeping a stream of current reviews.

However, many eCommerce business owners struggle with reviews – how to get them, how to respond, and how to turn them into higher search engine rankings. Having the right review request – one that prompts customers to leave a detailed review – is key to getting the detailed, honest, and positive reviews that set your online store apart from the competition.

Understanding the best way to ask for reviews without being pushy can be tricky, though. Many experts note that SMS requests tend to have the best results.

What Are the Benefits of Using SMS For Review Requests?

More than 75% of Americans have a smartphone, and while not everyone can answer a phone call or email right away, studies show that text messages are read within 3 minutes. Plus, customers can quickly send a response wherever they are, giving you timely reviews without interrupting their day. It's easy for customers to open a text, follow the link, and go on about their day.

Using SMS, instead of email or phone calls, results in a higher rate of engagement and has a higher response rate. Customizable SMS reviews can be linked to product purchases, allowing you to gather more detail about the customer experience.

Communicating with customers through personalized SMS review requests doesn't just help you complete that task. It's also a part of relationship building that turns one-time buyers into repeat customers. With an authentic back-and-forth between you and your customers, you can turn repeat customers into brand ambassadors, sharing what they enjoy about your company with their friends and on social media.

What Kind of Content Can SMS Reviews Generate?

SMS reviews aren't just "It was great!" They also allow users to rank the business on a scale of 1-5, plus share highlights of their experience and suggestions to make the business better. In addition, reviews can include photos or videos, which gives potential customers a clear picture of garments being worn, products being used, or even meals being eaten. A real-time demo of the item allows customers to envision themselves wearing, using, or eating a product.

Many people enjoy providing their opinions. When you streamline the review process by providing a link, an easy way to upload photos, and straightforward questions about their experience, they'll be more likely to complete the request.

SMS Templates For Review Requests

If you're not sure how to ask for reviews via SMS, don't worry. We've collected six templates for you to use with your business. The tone of your approach can vary according to the personality of your brand – some brands may use more conservative verbiage and tone, while other brands, those with a younger demographic or more playful approach, may use a more informal voice as if talking to a friend.

Hi [customer name], it's [your name or business]. On a scale of 1 - 5 stars, how would you rank us? [link to review page]
Hey there, [customer name], it's [your business]! We hope you're enjoying [product X]. Would you be willing to share your experience with us? [Review Funnel Link]
Hey [customer name], [business name] here. Reaching out to the top 10% of our customers (that's you :)! Would you be willing to answer a few questions about our performance? Takes only a couple of minutes. [Review Funnel Link]
Thanks for shopping with us. Your order is on its way! Quick question for you: What's one thing we can do to make things better for you? [Review Funnel Link]
(1/2) Hi [customer name]! [your name] from [business] here. Thanks for your recent order. Your items are on their way! Can I ask a tiny favor?

(2/2) How did we do? We want to know where we knocked it out of the park and where we can improve. [Review Funnel Link]Hi [customer name], [your name] Quick question for you. Were you nervous about anything before you hired us? We only get better with feedback from clients like you. [Review Funnel Link] the perfect tool to integrate SMS into your review generation strategy

Reviews help you improve your customer service and products, and provide you with valuable insight from loyal customers. Even negative reviews can be used to your advantage, both in how you respond and how you address the concerns to make your business better. Asking for reviews using SMS can be fast and easy, giving you free marketing and helping build your brand.

Not sure where to get started? At we can help you develop your brand personality and start an SMS campaign to ask for reviews. Contact us or arrange a demo to learn more about our services and see in action!

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