What is Instagram Shoppable? The most awaited feature for eCommerce

Instagram is the go-to platform for sharing creative and engaging visual content. According to Social Media Examiner, “Instagram users are shoppers.”, and a study conducted by them revealed that 70% of Instagrammers look for brands on the social media platform. Instagram users are also highly engaged, and the platform’s visual format makes it ideal for e-commerce stores hoping to boost sales.

However, this hasn’t always been easy. Since you cannot add clickable links to captions, it is hard to get Instagram users to navigate to your online store. This has been the biggest hurdle in using Instagram to drive sales as you can’t drive users to product pages on your online store. Instead, users have to first go to your website, click through to find the product they were viewing on Instagram and then click buy.

How many sales are you losing along this customer journey? Potentially, too many!

Enter, Shoppable Instagram! 

Shoppable Instagram allows Instagram users to buy products they see in Instagram photos without any of the hassle!

Basically, Shoppable Instagram creates an enhanced version of your Instagram feed but adds links to product pages of tagged items in each image. You can link to your Shoppable Instagram from within your Instagram profile, post photos of products, and direct your followers to your shoppable feed by using the photo captions. On the shoppable feed, they can easily complete their purchase!

Why Shoppable Instagram? 

Shoppable Instagram works as you are capturing consumers at the peak of their interest in buying, and quickly converting that into a sale. Traditionally, you could only hope that the user would follow through, end up on your site after clicking the link in your Instagram bio, and then make a purchase. Now, you can make sure that conversion goes through.

Features to Help you Grow! 

Shoppable Instagram makes driving traffic to your online store as easy as possible! You can showcase your product ratings, reviews and quantities sold for a more enriched shopping experience, and allow users to make a purchase in 3 easy steps. Here’s how:

  1. Click from your Instagram gallery to a shoppable version of your products. View products in your photos, along with their ratings and reviews.
  2. Navigate directly to the product’s page on your online store.
  3. Easily buy the product they discovered on Instagram.

So what’re you waiting for? Stop losing sales because of a leaky and inefficient sales funnel! Get started with converting your Instagram followers into customers today!

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