New Stamped.io feature: Sentiment Analysis

Stamped.io is bringing the future of e-commerce to their users, by integrating A.I into reviews analysis!

An AI-enabled feature that analyzes reviews contents to determine if a review matches the rating given by customers:

Online reviews are essential for e-commerce businesses, but flawed in that a customer can leave a positive rating but be providing negative feedback in the review itself. This 5-star review could mistakenly end up on your website, and drive other customers away from purchasing your products. Without human vetting of these reviews, there was previously no way to differentiate between them and truly positive reviews.

You can now take charge of the reviews on your Store, Widgets, Automated Social Push and Ads Centres with Stamped.io’s Sentiment Analysis! This helps improve conversion rate and more at the end of the day, more satisfied customers!

A.I. and Review Analysis

By using sentiment analysis, you can avoid this ever being an issue for your business. Sentiment analysis is a tool that explains sentiment. An algorithm detects the polarity (positive or negative) of a review for you, and tells you whether the review is positive, neutral or negative.

On a large scale, this technology can help you determine how people feel about your products, regardless of the numerical rating they left for you.

The A.I analyses the content of each review by breaking it down into sentences and then words. It derives the perceived emotion of the review writer based on the scoring it allots to each sentence. This allows it to give a “Sentiment Percentage” for each review, accurately predicting whether the review was a positive or negative one.

The Value of Sentiment Analysis for your Business

A.I Sentiment Analysis can provide an e-commerce business with a lot of benefits.

1. Prevent Auto Publishing of Reviews

Reviews with positive rating but negative sentiments are automatically flagged, preventing them from being published on your website, showing up on ads, in widgets and much more.

This puts you in charge of how you want to respond to these reviews. Instead of unknowingly having a review that is negative, you now know that this review exists and choose how to deal with it.

Preventing auto publishing of these also prevents other shoppers/customers from seeing this review before you’ve had a chance to respond. This can help in sales conversions as future customers won’t be put off by the negative wording in the review.

2. Provide Better Customer Support

When a customer leaves you a positive rating, but has negative words in their review, it often means that they are happy with your product but hoping for some improvement. It can be useful to reach to these customers and address their grievances, helping you improve your long-term relationship with them. After all repeat customers costs much less and tend to become life-long fans.

With A.I. review analysis, we hope to bring the future of user-content generation to you. Ensure only reviews that contribute towards building your business are made public to your potential customers, and much more!

Sentiment Analysis is available on Business & Enterprise, it’s as simple as enabling it in Settings.

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