New: Facebook Messenger Bot

New year, new features. We’re stoked to announce that Stamped.io is introducing a new Facebook Messenger Bot feature!

This new feature will be a huge asset to eCommerce businesses who want to collect more customer testimonials and reviews. Basically, it allows you to reach your customers where they’re spending most of their time… on Facebook!

Here’s how it works: once you set up the bot, it’ll ask for your customer’s consent to receive a Facebook Messenger survey after they complete their purchase.

Assuming your customer agrees, the bot will subsequently trigger a message to them on Facebook Messenger, and request for them to submit a review.

Just like how Stamped.io allows customers to submit a review within their email app, the new Facebook Messenger Bot allows customers to review your product or store directly in Facebook Messenger (without any pesky redirects). The bot guides your customers through a simple 3-step submission, and it’ll only take your customers a few seconds to complete their review.

Reach out to customers more effectively using our new Facebook Messenger Bot feature

Now, you might be wondering: what’s the problem with sticking to the status quo, and requesting for reviews via emails?

First and foremost, if you’re using Shopify to power your store, your customers get an option to complete their checkout with only a mobile number (and no email address).

By sending out your review requests the traditional way (via email!), you’re missing out on the reviews you could possibly get from this segment of customers. With our Facebook Messenger Bot, however, you can still reach this group of people, and request for them to leave you reviews!

Using a Facebook Messenger Bot to complement your existing review strategy is a great move. A whopping 1.32 billion consumers use Facebook on a daily basis, with the average user logging onto Facebook eight times per day – so by bringing the review process to Facebook, you can reduce the friction associated with leaving a review.

Customers love Facebook too! Our client Gold BJJ reports that Facebook Messenger open rates can be up to 5x those of e-mail campaigns.

Start using our Facebook Messenger Bot feature to get more reviews today!

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