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How to Add Google Reviews to Your Website

As an online seller, you work hard to draw attention to your product pages and online store. Google Customer Reviews allow you to do this without spending additional money on marketing and advertising.

You can collect valuable customer feedback through free Google Customer Reviews. People who buy your products leave reviews that help future shoppers make purchasing decisions. Customers often take surveys on the checkout page, and survey ratings are eligible for seller and product ratings.

Let's look at the benefits of using Google Reviews in your eCommerce store and the options available to automate the process.

Benefits of Using Google Reviews for Your eCommerce Store

As a savvy eCommerce business owner, you have much to gain from using Google Customer Reviews, including the following:

  • Qualify for seller ratings in Google Shopping and Google Search.
  • Improve click-through-rate.
  • Access valuable reviews that validate customer satisfaction.
  • Increase repeat business and customer retention.
  • Lower cost per click.

Here's how positive Customer Reviews can directly impact your eCommerce store:

  • Seller ratings: Google Customer Reviews can be used as seller ratings on shopping ads and search ads.
  • Product Ratings: Google Customer Reviews also help you get reviews and ratings for your products.
  • Engagement: Ratings may drive qualified shoppers to your eCommerce site.
  • Customer Service Review badge: Badges tell visitors about the experience previous customers had on your site.

Where to Place Google Reviews on Your Site

From an eCommerce perspective, product and service pages are the most strategic places for customer service reviews. Do you have reviews for specific products? Be sure to include them on the pages that describe your products and services. This could include your product listing, or the product descriptions shoppers use to make a final decision.

Remember, these pages are the closest to the revenue, so include relevant reviews on ease of use, customer satisfaction and other positive feedback. Do not underestimate the power reviews have when it comes to converting interested shoppers into buyers.

You can use widgets or coding to get the results you want. You'll want to start by showcasing positive reviews on the homepage. For example, you can cycle through selected reviews that users can scroll through.

The homepage and partnership pages on your eCommerce site are also excellent choices for customer reviews. Your home page encapsulates what your eCommerce business has to offer. Entice visitors who land on it to check out your product and service pages with glowing reviews on your biggest moneymakers, as well as inventory you need to move quickly.

Your About page is another great place to show shoppers that you've made a positive impact on your customers. Many sites successfully use reviews to start conversations with visitors. When you add product-specific reviews to your detailed product and services pages, it lets viewers see how others have benefited from that product or service.

Finally, to build a sense of transparency and trust, you can highlight comments showing how you resolve issues.

How to Add Google Reviews

You can put your review from Google My Business to work on your website. There are several ways to embed Customer Reviews on your eCommerce site. If you don't fully understand how to use the Google My Business API or your site's CMS features, there's a bit of a learning curve.

There are two basic approaches for embedding Google reviews, from Google or your CMS:

1. Use the Google API

An application programming interface facilitates back-end communications between software platforms.

  1. Enable the Google My Business API to access the reviews you want to display on your site.
  2. Once it's enabled, you can follow Google's instructions to choose how displays feed on Google to your website. Choose the appropriate coding to display all reviews or a specific review. You can even select which reviews and replies to hide.

You have complete and total control over what to show on your site and where.

2. Add a Widget

You can use a widget in your content management system. You might have to do a bit of research to find out how to do this, but it's usually fairly straightforward. WordPress, for example, has many Google review plugins you can install to simplify the process.

Beyond Google Reviews: Display visual User-Generated-Content with

With, you can display visual content how and where you like on your website. Built-in templates and fully customizable options ensure that you can easily leverage your customers’ content to create the best brand-story for your business. enables you to add shoppable galleries to your site, showcasing your best customer content. This is a simple technique to dramatically increase sales conversions by featuring customer visual reviews (photos & videos) alongside your studio photos.

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