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Case Study: How E.D. Locks Increased Product Reviews by Over 100%

There are few things in life more precious than the safety of your family and your sentimental possessions. And while it may be tempting to cover everyone (and everything) in bubble wrap, the most practical way of protecting your loved ones is choosing high quality locks for your doors.

No one knows locks better than Melhem Juan, a security professional who has worked in the business for the past 6 years. From car locks to door locks to padlocks, he’s seen it all and helped hundreds of customers keep themselves and their belongings safe.

In early 2016, Melhem decided to take his business online, and soon, E.D. Locks was born.

“The goal was to offer affordable security products to customers who wanted to install the devices themselves, rather than call out a locksmith to do it for them.” 

E.D Locks aims to make sure every customer is 100% satisfied with their purchase and prioritize customer service, fast delivery, and competitive prices.

But, despite all of that, there was just one problem.

While E.D. Locks will help a customer ensure they are buying the correct lock for their needs, it can sometimes be hard for consumers to trust the products they purchase online. After all, this isn’t a toy to play with or a frivolous handbag purchase. These locks and mechanical parts are the difference between safety and vulnerability.

The simple solution?

Product reviews.

Melhem began using to gather customer’s reviews on their recent lock purchases, encouraging them to share everything from the ease of installation to how secure they feel. E.D. Locks especially finds the photo review feature useful, as Melhem explains, “it really helps our customer to see how the product they’re trying to buy looks like installed.”

Other features that have contributed to E.D. Locks’ success are the Facebook Reviews tab and Social Push that allows reviews to be automatically posted to the company Facebook page and shared in home security circles.


E.D. Locks made the switch to from the Yotpo app due to the hands-on customer support and lower pricing model. Reviews have now increased more than 100%.


Melhem believes it’s all down to the ease of leaving a review, on both sides of the process. His customers love the in-email response forms and he loves the automation of the review requests, leaving him to build the business.

“Products reviews have helped us to provide confidence to customers who
are undecided on whether or not we are a reliable company they can trust their
credit card information with, as well as providing extra product information
from verified buyers”

The key (no pun intended) is prominent placement of the product reviews on the website, as Melhem’s audience wants this information right at their fingertips. The website enables the customer to search by lock type, and then displays a 5 star rating system underneath each product with previous reviews.


The result is a personalized experience for E.D. Locks’ customers. Instead of buying mechanical parts from an impersonal online store, they’re purchasing tried and tested home security products that have been recommended by consumers just like them.

And what does Melhem envision for the future?

“Our goal is to become one of the largest Door Security Hardware suppliers in
the U.S. Product reviews help us accomplish this goal by showing our customers
what others think about our products and services, giving them confidence to
deal with our company and increasing our conversion rates.”

To see how can help you take your own product review game to the next level, simply download the free version to get started.

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