New Stamped.io feature: Facebook Reviews Tab

Showcase your reviews in Facebook page to increase traffic and builds credibility for your Brand.

Note: This feature is available on Premium & Enterprise plans.

Facebook Reviews Tab will showcase all of your product reviews in one neat tab. Each review includes a Share button, so your customers can help you spread the word of your positive products reviews to their friends.

Why use Facebook Reviews Tab?

68% of your customers would check your Social Media pages before buying, and this may be even more true if it was a website they hadn’t shopped with or heard of before.

Showcasing reviews in your Facebook page is a fantastic way to increase brand’s credibility, that’s a potential 68% of your customers who could be pushed to press the BUY button with just a quick glance at your Facebook page.

Benefits of using the Facebook Reviews Tab

  • Increase your Brand’s credibility
  • Customers will be able to share reviews with their friends, creating word-of-mouth marketing and social proof
  • Create a never-ending stream of reviews that you wouldn’t need to be updating manually
  • Convert new visitors to lifetime customers

How do I add the Facebook Reviews Tab?

You can read this guide to start adding the Reviews Tab to your Facebook page.

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