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So often in marketing and business, our language is filled with buzzwords like “synergy” and “advertainment.” Everyone can sound a bit like robots, talking in three-letter abbreviations like “ROI” and “KPI” and “USP.”  We’re not saying that these discussions don’t have a rightful place (they do), but we’ve got a new mission here at to get back to the basics.

What does this mean?

In short, we want to know how people naturally think and feel, and how that thinking affects their behavior.

Why do we care?

Well, people, just like your customers, don’t always think rationally. For instance, we’re much more inclined to buy a product for $299 rather than $300, despite just a $1 difference. And did you know that free shipping is one of the top criteria convincing a customer to make a purchase, despite orders being an average of 30% more expensive this way?

We also don’t always know that we’re thinking at all. The weather and language both have an effect on how and what we buy, even if we don’t realize it at the time. We buy different products when we’re happy versus when we’re sad, and ‘retail therapy’ can be a very real rush of positive emotions that keeps us hovering over the “checkout” button.

But no matter what you sell or who you’re selling to, figuring out the way your customers think is important.

Whether you’re a freelance entrepreneur, a fledgling start-up company, or an established international business, you can’t escape the basic mental processes that drive your audience’s every click.

Here at headquarters, we’re busy talking to businesses who have seen great results by harnessing the power of natural human behaviors.

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social proof have helped us to reach our undecided customers who need to be
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Of course we don’t know it all and there’s still a lot to learn, so join us on the blog as we explore the psychology behind your business and the ways we can all approach ecommerce by thinking about…well, thinking!

Among other things (and there’s plenty, we promise), you’ll learn how to increase your customer’s loyalty by appealing to their need for belonging, the way in which colors affect your sales, and how best to phrase your product descriptions.

We’d also love to chat with you if you’ve had a particular emphasis on psychology-based business strategy. Get in touch at to let us know your success stories so we can share your story with the world.

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