New Stamped.io release: Email Sequence Review Request

Previously you were able to set 1 subject and message for both the review request email and reminder emails. We’ve had feedback and tons of request to have a different message for reminder emails and it’s now possible!

Introducing Email Sequence
With Email Sequence, you can now send request review emails with a different subject, message and layout.

For example:

Sequence #1
14 days after fulfillment
Layout: Boxed
Subject: Please review your recent {{shop.name}} purchase
Message: Hey {{customer.first_name}}, you recently purchased BB-8 from our store. Please spare 1 minute to review your purchase:

Sequence #2
7 days after Sequence #1
Layout: Minimalist
Subject: Receive a free gift when you review your purchase
Message: Hey {{customer.first_name}}, you’ve just purchased BB-8 from our store. Review your purchase and receive a free BB-8 wallpaper designed by our very own artist!

You can add as many as 3 additional sequences and customize it to fit your review and marketing strategy.

We’re also tracking statistics and conversions of each email sequence, so you’ll know how well each sequence is performing and using the available data to refine your review request emails that work best for your target audiences.

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