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Reviews – Now Part of Your Website Search

When discussing how to bring more value to our partner’s user generated content, the idea came about on adding product reviews to the website search form,  a functionality most commonly only found on major online retailers. By integrating product ratings into their website search forms, customers can easily find the most popular, highest rated products quickly a great feature that was unknown to most e-commerce stores!

When we went looking for the best solution to provide this feature, we immediately stumbled upon Searchanise, the only app that allows sorting by Review Rating. With Searchanise, not only can you display product ratings and reviews in the instant search widget but also on the search results page.

This powerful app also includes key benefits, full page searchinstant product previews, search suggestions, and spellcheck for your search bar.

Searchanise will turn your visitors into paying customers and now with our integration they can filter search results by’s product ratings!

Easily add Product Ratings to your Website search today by following this guide.

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