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4 Tips to Successfully Grow Your User-Generated Contents with

Increasing your user-generated content is simple with In case you’re having trouble getting started, we’ve put together 4 of our top tips that we recommend all businesses use to start harnessing the power of your customer’s words.

1) Introduce yourself

Showcase your company’s logo in the email. It may seem basic, but people who can quickly identify that your company sent the e-mail will be more likely to write a review. With all of the spam we get in our inboxes every day, you don’t want your e-mail being deleted at first glance by a customer who doesn’t know if they can trust it.

2) Tailor and personalize your message

Use a tailored message in line with your branding to speak directly to your customer. There are a variety of phrases to use, but for example, “You recently bought our exquisite ##productName##, how was it?”

When your customer feels like an individual rather than just another transaction on your site, they will be far more willing to engage with your brand.

Personalizing your emails requires personalized content — and one incredibly powerful way to do that is with Liquid, an open-source template language created by Shopify.

With Liquid support, it opens a wide range of possibilities such as:

  • Multi-lingual Support
  • Email personalization
  • Conditional logic
  • Text formatting
  • More!

Both email subject and message supports Liquid.

See the article with tips on how you can utilize Liquid to provide a personalized experience for your customers:

For a full list of variables available:

3) Show them what they bought

Online shopping is more popular than ever, which is great for e-commerce business but also means that customers are buying lots of products from different stores.

By including the product’s image in the email using ##productImage##, you can show them exactly what they bought from you. This will jog their memory to help them remember their shopping and product experience.

4) Incentivize your customers to leave a review

We all enjoy a reward in exchange for completing a task, so use human nature to your advantage.

Incentivizing your customers to leave a review has been proven to significantly increase conversions. Have a think about what you could offer based on your business model. We suggest enabling the coupon function and including a message to let your customers know that they will receive a coupon after a successful review submission.

Don’t forget to make it clear what they will be receiving and how to go about getting that reward. For instance, “Write a review and receive a 5% discount coupon.”.


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